Rights and obligations of student interns:

  • to seek methodological assistance from the head and the administration of the practice base on emerging issues;
  • attend public meetings in consultation with the heads of the practice;
  • if necessary, contact a specialist in practice on issues of changing the content, regime, terms of practice;
  • make suggestions for improving the organization of the practice.


During the internship, the student-intern is obliged to:

  • to fully perform the tasks provided for in the practice program;
  • obey the internal regulations in force in the organization;
  • be responsible for the work done and its results;
  • keep a diary-a practice report, record all types of work performed, the results of observations and their analysis;
  • timely submit to the department accounting documentation (diary-report, review or characteristic, quantitative accounting of practical skills), certified with signatures, seals from the company;
  • to comply with the deadlines for completing tasks according to the internship program, to report in a timely manner;
  • to work out the internship program at other times in case of illness or other objective reasons that did not allow you to enter practice on time;
  • study and follow the rules of occupational safety, health and industrial sanitation.

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